Bourne through Death

Failed Messenger

The second report where this group happened to work together was an unusual case. A number of highly skilled adventurers had vanished near a small town near the North-East border of our territory, beyond where the centaur tribe roams. Our captain stationed there said that, individually, none of them were anything impressive. Just more of the usual naive children, looking for easy gold and the adrenaline rush of adventure, only they somehow managed to take down a werewolf, whose corpse we examined thoroughly. We also looked over a report of how long he’d been there, and came to a conclusion.

That werewolf should not have been able to kill the previous groups of adventurers. The common theory is that he was aided by a divine source of some form or another, but as he was killed and his corpse subsequently stolen before it could be questioned, such a thing will remain a mystery, as will the specifics of just how they managed to kill this werewolf.



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